Banana Leaf Thai + Bar is a perfect place where friends and family can
enjoy mouth-watering authentic Thai food in a lovely atmosphere

Banana Leaf Thai + Bar


Our chefs prepare all our Thai dishes
with great attention to detail and authenticity

Banana Leaf Thai + Bar

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Banana Leaf Thai Sushi Restaurant and Bar is an exceptional establishment where colleagues and family can indulge in delectable, truly authentic Thai cuisine in an exquisite ambiance. At Banana Leaf Thai Sushi Restaurant and Bar, our esteemed chefs meticulously craft each Thai dish with utmost precision, using only the finest ingredients, ensuring our esteemed guests experience the epitome of genuine Thai gastronomy. Additionally, we proudly offer an extensive selection of premium spirits, tantalizing mixed beverages, and an exceptional assortment of fine wines.


Chef WoodyWelcome to Banana Leaf Thai Sushi Restaurant and Bar, where you can indulge in the exquisite taste of five-star Thai cuisine and Sushi at affordable prices here in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Our Executive Chef, Woody, is a true master of the culinary arts. With a degree from the prestigious Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi and experience as the Chef of the renowned ‘Basil’ restaurant at the Sheraton Grande, Woody has garnered critical acclaim for his robust and comforting Thai dishes.

Chef Woody’s expertise lies in blending traditional Thai cooking techniques with flavors from across Southeast Asia. The result? Innovative, elegant, and intricate menus that define a new era in Thai cuisine. By sourcing local and seasonal ingredients, Woody aims to transform the menu at Banana Leaf Thai Sushi Restaurant and Bar, offering innovative interpretations of classic Thai and sushi dishes that perfectly balance tradition and modernity.

At Banana Leaf Thai Sushi Restaurant and Bar, you can expect a variety of appetizers, salads, entrees, sushi, and desserts, all crafted with the freshest and finest ingredients. Each dish is a perfect blend of style and substance, delighting your senses with its exquisite presentation, tantalizing aroma, and unforgettable flavors. Prepare yourself for a truly unique dining experience.